Idea for Mind Monkeys

MInd monkeys help you take control of your thoughts

Put that mind monkey in its cage and reduce your stress levels.

People often ask me where I got the idea for mind monkeys from, so here is the brief history:

I had been a jeweller for about 10 years and someone introduced me to a book called “Train your Monkey Mind“. The book talks about the little monkeys in your mind and following chats with a friend I decided I could do something with that.
Over a period of time I experimented making cages from scratch but that was not only time consuming, it was very frustrating so I decided to source ready made cages instead.
The mind monkey, as you see it today, has changed a lot from the original prototypes but I believe I’ve got it about right now (though I’m always open to suggestions).
Initially I made a mind monkey for my own use only but people would ask me about it and gradually it caught on and became my signature product!
The range of mind monkeys is growing all the time and currently includes: pendants beaded necklaces beaded bracelets pens keyrings bookmarks Chainmaille versions available to order.
I am currently developing a range of mind monkeys with crystals on them so you get the power of the crystal with the help of the mind monkey combined!