Anxiety Rings

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Anxiety Rings
A new product for the mind monkey range. An anxiety ring!
Do you bite your nails or the skin on your fingers or maybe pick at it? These rings may be the answer. Instead of biting or scratching you simply move the beads around.
Available in silver plated, gold plated or rose gold plated for £7 plus postage
925 silver version available for £20 plus postage.
Anxiety rings can help reduce stress

anxiety rings come in silver plated, gold plated, rose gold plated or 925 sterling silver

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Anxiety ring in plated silver

calm your racing thoughts with the use of an anxiety ring

These rings are also known as twiddle rings, because you twiddle with them when feeling anxious. It keeps you occupied in difficult situations and can help you stop picking your own skin, which can be very painful.

Apart from use for anxiety, they may also be helpful for those with dementia, as twiddling and general nervous activity with the hands can be common in dementia patients. This can be helped with what are called twiddle muffs, knitted bands worn on the wrists and containing various sensory items, such as little bells or leather or velcro straps and other items just to twiddle with. These may not be helpful for all patients and some may prefer to twiddle with a ring. The rings can be sized to any finger, so are helpful to those with swollen fingers or joints.

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