Mind Monkeys

Cage Those Racing Thoughts

MInd monkeys help you take control of your thoughts

Put that mind monkey in its cage and reduce your stress levels.

If you get stressed out or anxious, you may find a mind monkey can help you get those pesky thoughts under control. These come as a little monkey outside a cage. The idea is that you push the monkey’s head into the cage when you find your thoughts making you anxious or taking over. You remind yourself that your thoughts are under YOUR control and this helps many to reduce their anxiety.

Mind Monkeys

These are made as many different objects, such as bookmarks, bracelets and necklaces. Choose your favourite form and keep it on you to cage those thoughts along with the monkey.



How  Mind Monkeys Work

They give you a physical object in a form that makes it easy to keep with you and which you use to control the psychological problem.

Wear your bracelet so your mind monkey is always with you

Bracelet can have different stones. Make yours unique

When your mind races, take the monkey and shove its head inside the cage this reminds you that YOU are In charge.

This helps you to take control by telling the mind monkeys inside your head what to do.
You are always in control of your own mind monkeys but sometimes, we forget that.
This simple physical action will allow your brain to take back control and stop the mind monkeys in their tracks.
Some customers have also found that naming their monkey has helped them to focus.

I Don’t Want Jewellery

Mind monkeys can help you stop those racing thoughts.

Mind Monkey bookmark, slender, easy to carry item.

I completely understand if you don’t want to wear a bracelet or a necklace. If you want to keep a mind monkey with you, how about a bookmark in your favourite book or journal? It’s best to keep the mind monkey with you, so it can work its special kind of magic any time you realise you are anxious or stressed, so you need to find a way to carry it. Bookmarks are a simple slender item that can be used to keep your place in a book and they keep your mind monkey well in reach for any time you need it.



Thanks to the mind monkey


Don’t just take my word for it, here are some comments and reviews from customers:

“I thought the overall concept of the mind monkey was superb and I wear mine a lot.”

“I tend to wear mine when I’m having a difficult day or when I’m feeling overwhelmed with my PTSD.”

“I love the fact that the monkey hangs as it’s a subtle reminder that he’s there to have his head shoved into the cage as and when I need him to be.”

“I love my bracelet and even though it won’t cure me of my PTSD it’s a helping hand at being active at trying to make myself feel better when the time comes”